Roger Travassos

He came forward and presented a carefully thought out strategy to market our 3-plex in Riverdale. Although a very slow market...Roger's strategy generated multiple offers, and all were over the asking price!

Vince Peca

Roger was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was always available and attentive to our needs. He completely exceeded our expectations, and with his guidance, we got more than top dollar for our home.

George & Laurie

Roger looked after us like family...He always had time to explain and analyze each situation. He was very patience. We definitely recommend him!

Alejandro Cespedes

Roger has a refreshing approach — we never felt pressured. rather we felt supported and could count on him as a trusted,' knowledgeable advisor that gets the job done.

John & Bill

I was skeptical initially because let's face it, real estate agents these days are a dime a dozen. I was clear about what I wanted and thankfully Roger really delivered.

Melissa Ramos

We had some significant challenges, yet he walked us through each of them, while being very understanding and informative. The guy is just really legitimately nice, but he also knows exactly what he's doing...

Ryan Hewson

We were so pleased with Roger as our agent...he worked hard to get us more than we expected for our home. He's honest and caring and made himself available every step of the way.

Jackie & Tim

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